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UK Theatre and Society of London Theatre Statement on EU Referendum

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UK Theatre and Society of London Theatre Statement on EU Referendum

Following the referendum decision on the UK’s membership of the EU, the Society of London Theatre (“SOLT”) and UK Theatre Association (“UK Theatre”) express concern as to the future for the theatre sector – a sector in which the UK leads the world both in creativity and in business.

Theatre and the performing arts play a valuable, unifying role in society and we look forward to supporting our members, and the wider theatre community, to make this contribution over the coming years.

SOLT and UK Theatre have been a major part of the Performing Arts League of Europe (PEARLE) in Brussels since 1990, playing a significant role in lobbying and negotiating on EU legislation and its implications for the performing arts sector.  Over the coming months, we will continue our work with these colleagues on many areas not least:

• Movement of artists, and creative staff, between countries
• Employment law for the future – and as it changes, how new UK law needs to accommodate our sector
• Other European regulations and their effect on our sector
• The future for organisations and artists working in and out of the UK that currently receive European funding.

In the UK, we urge politicians from all parties to consider the impact on this creative industry in which we lead as regulations and laws are amended – we remain ready to support this process.  The recent introduction of the UK Theatre Production Tax Relief has increased activity throughout the UK, and we look forward to working with government at all levels to enable the theatre sector to thrive.

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