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Ticket Prices: a comparison across the LTG

Former LTG Committee Member Robert Gill has been been looking at the prices of tickets across LTG Members going back to 2016 based on the figures in the LTG Yearbook.

His Report is HERE

The ticket prices range from £6.50 to £18 but these top level figures hide issues such as variable pricing across the week (a lower price at the start of a run rising to a higher figure on the final Friday and Saturday for example).

From 2016, the average ticket price has show a small rise from £10.11 to £11.27. But this too can hide variations such as theatre members paying less for their ticket than the public.

Excluding the figures for 2020, the total number of productions between 2016 and 2019 rose from 818 to 821; total performances went down a little from 6037 to 5831 and attendance went up from 596,000 to 604,000.

Roger concludes his report by asking what will bring customers back to our theatres? The LTG Committee would welcome the views of Members on this issue.

Anne Gilmour