Conference Highlights

The Oast Theatre, Tonbridge. May 2014

The Guild is a group of just over 100 community theatres in the UK. We gathered at The Oast Theatre, Tonbridge for 2 days of workshops/talking about theatre/seeing theatre and dealing with the business of the Guild. DSCF6321Of special note is our Patron – Sir Ian McKellen. Many charities patrons are simply a valuable figure-head. Ours certainly is, but we’re so fortunate that ours is also very hands on, being present for the AGM and the performance of  Loot the Oast Theatre put on Saturday night. I know I speak for all of us in the LTG by saying a HUGE thank you to Sir Ian, it makes such a real difference having a Patron who is so enthusiastic for our work.

DSCF6427It was fabulous to spend time chatting over drinks, sharing stories/experiences and the buzz that our passion for theatre created.

DSCF6360 DSCF6345 DSCF6337 Loot - The money shot