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Stables Theatre Hastings – Exchange Programme

Stables Theatre, Hastings has been running an exchange programme with The Drama Group of Chicago Heights since 1999, when actors and crew from the Stables took Great Expectations over there for a two week run. Peter Mould writes: The Drama Group are very much like any little theatre and put on a programme of plays and have their own theatre and is staffed entirely by volunteers. They returned to us the following year and since then there has been an exchange every 2 years. This year we asked them to bring a Classic American Drama and they came with Cat on a Hot Tin Roof which played over two weekends for six performances. The host company build the set and supply props so everything is ready when they arrive, we also pay the royalties. The visiting company pay their own air fare. The theatre members provide accommodation in their family homes. The venture has been very successful and we have made many friends and we value the artistic and cultural experience of the American exchange. The Stables will return to Chicago in 2017 with a play by an English author.