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Over the last few weeks UK Theatre and SOLT have been coordinating activity to help the theatre industry to become an even safer and more supportive environment for all.

• 10 Principles to encourage safer and even more supportive working practices in theatre. The principles are intended to help all volunteers, directors and trustees to create a positive tone and culture.

• A support line, so that anyone working in the theatre and performing arts industry has a resource to help them deal with bullying or harassment, or any other issues affecting their health and well-being.

The support line will be run as a pilot for one year (resourced by the Theatre Development Trust, SOLT and UK Theatre). During this year we will assess usage and need, gaining the insight that will help us decide what further support might be necessary, and how the support line might be funded in the longer term. We expect the support line to be open in late May, when we will also provide you with promotional materials.

We have also published a summary of the key themes arising from the open forums held across the country in February, and suggestions of good practice arising from those events. You can find all of these resources in a new handbook which is attached (10 Principles)

UK Theatre and SOLT have developed this support following our conversations with members, and others across the theatre and performing arts industry. We know it’s vital that that conversation continues, so that together we can ensure we make our world-leading theatre industry even stronger for the future.