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Seat Pricing & Advertising

The Society of London Theatre recently received a complaint from the Advertising
Standards Authority (ASA) regarding the use of the expression “top price seats”
in a marketing e-flyer. The complaint was on the basis that the “top price
seats” advertised in the e-flyer were not actually the highest price seats on
offer as premium seats were available at a higher price. This meant that the
ASA considered the e-flyer to be likely to materially mislead consumers.

SOLT has accepted the ASA’s complaint and will ensure that in future its
marketing materials do not advertise seats as top price if higher priced
premium seats are also available.

It may be the case that the ASA will now investigate other theatre advertisers
and so we recommend that, if you sell (or may in the future sell) top price and
premium seats, you review and if necessary amend your advertising and publicity
material to ensure that you do not receive a similar complaint.

Please contact the SOLT/UK Theatre legal team (via Emily McDonald at
or on 020 7557 6705) if you have any queries.