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Requiesce in pace, Sandra Leatherbarrow (Simpson)

Bolton Little Theatre posted on Facebook that was “with great sadness that we inform our wider circle of friends of the sudden death of Sandra Leatherbarrow. She suffered a stroke in rehearsal for Blue Stockings at BLT [Bolton Little Theatre] on Thursday night, was taken to Salford royal and passed away peacefully with her family yesterday [13 October 2023]. We are all shocked. Our deepest condolences go out to her family. She died doing what she loved, where she loved to be and with friends to care for her. 🥀

The Bolton News has posted a warm tribute to Sandra HERE.

Meredith Collinson, of Bolton Little Theatre writes:

Dear Theatre Friends,

It is with great sadness to inform you that our dearly loved friend, Sandra Simpson, passed away 13th October, peacefully, surrounded by her family.

It hasn’t been confirmed, but she seemed to have experienced a stroke Thursday night in The Forge, whilst rehearsing the next BLT play, Blue Stockings (which she was directing).  I recently felt a calling to go down and see if she needed any help with the production. Sandra, being Sandra, welcomed me in and got me involved, without hesitation.

Last night, we were rehearsing a full run, which was going really well. We’d just finished Act 1and I went on The Forge stage to see Sandra seated.  At that time, Andrew Gradwell was just helping her pick up her notes, which she’d dropped on the floor. We both noticed signs of a stroke and immediately asked to call 999 for an ambulance.  She was to be taken to Salford Royal Hospital.

As I sat with her, all she wanted to do was go over her notes to the cast, about the play. She remained very sweet and charming and could hold a conversation. The cast waited respectfully backstage.

Her passing has happened very suddenly and we are shocked and saddened.

My condolences to to her family and friends during this difficult time. God bless our wonderful and brilliant Sandra, may she rest in peace.

Meredith xx

Anne Gilmour, National Secretary