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Questors, Jesters and Renegades by Michael Coveney now out in paper back

Back in January 2020, I announced a new book published by Michael Coveney – see HERE. Michael is delighted to announce that the book is out in paperback and Kindle. It’s available from Bloomsbury Publishing from 10 February at the very reasonable price of £13.49 and also from Amazon.

The book was shortlisted for the Theatre Book Prize 2021 and The Spectator noted that his “approach is serious and respectful. He has travelled to unearth histories of many of Britain’s long-established amateur groups and venues … Coveney is not of the school that looks to am-dram for what he encapsulates as ‘the hilarity of mishap’ … Rather, he makes the case for its worthiness, the closeness of much of its work to that of at least the lower ranks of the professional, and its role as a seedbed of talent.

Anne Gilmour