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Diversity & Inclusion

In the February edition of the LTG Newsletter you will find a short piece on Diversity and Inclusion. This is a topic of growing relevance to all LTG Members and LTG will look at its attitudes and practices around diversity in the coming months. A sub-group has been established of Jackie Blackwood, Melanie Brown, Debbie [...]

Zooming Tips x Ten

Chairman Jo Matthews has been ‘delighted to be invited to Zoom into so many your readings, plays, quizzes and general keep-in-touch events offered by LTG Members.’ She has been particularly heartened to see some Members offering opportunity to your non-actors, so they can be at home in a reassuring atmosphere for their stage debut! Some of [...]

Ticket Prices: a comparison across the LTG

Former LTG Committee Member Robert Gill has been been looking at the prices of tickets across LTG Members going back to 2016 based on the figures in the LTG Yearbook. His Report is HERE The ticket prices range from £6.50 to £18 but these top level figures hide issues such as variable pricing across the week [...]

The Maskers Theatre: Play Write Playwriting Challenge

The Maskers Theatre in Southampton have announced a Playwriting Challenge. The Guidelines and terms are HERE and the deadline for you to submit your piece is Sunday 4 April 2021. This competition is for a one-act play of between 25 and 40 minutes and by submitting it you give Maskers Theatre Company the permanent rights to perform [...]

#SaveOurTheatres Crowdfunder campaign

A reminder from Dale, Projects & Campaigns Team at Crowdfunder that they are working with the Theatres Trust to help and support theatres of all shapes and sizes. Dale says: “A couple of weeks into our third national lockdown and the effects of the pandemic continue to devastate the Theatre industry. If your little Theatre [...]