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Concord Theatricals: Statement from Robert Hamilton

Kevin Spence, LTG Public Relations Officer has received this statement from Robert Hamilton at Concord Theatricals in London, this is below. Kevin asks that any LTG theatre experiencing persistent difficulties with Concord Theatricals should contact him immediately at Statement: We understand that the last year has been one of unprecedented hardship for the whole […]

Post COVID re-opening: thoughts from NLO, Eddie Redfern

Eddie Redfern has circulated to all LTG Members some helpful thoughts on things to think about as you we start to open up our theatres. His article is HERE He considers the impact on both those onstage and backstage. How do actors feel about returning to rehearsals and performance? How do your set-builders and stage […]

LTG Newsletter, June 2021

The June edition of the LTG Newsletter is now out, and a PDF of the Newsletter has been sent to all LTG Reps. Sending a PDF ensures that the Rep can circulate it quickly to all relevant people in their theatre. If your theatre’s Rep has not received a copy, please get in touch with […]

NCVO Training

Details of upcoming NCVO Training has now been circulated to all LTG Members through their LTG Rep. Training covers Fundraising, Finance, Strategy and Planning, Volunteering and Governance. Find the right course for you Anne Gilmour

White Rabbit, Red Rabbit from Caxton Theatre

Shortage of space in the June edition of the LTG Newsletter means that only a small part of this article from Gemma Dodds, Caxton Theatre could be included. During the online performance of White Rabbit, Red Rabbit, unusually for a Stage Manager, Gemma was visible. Here she talks about her onscreen stage manager role and […]