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LTG Yearbook 2021-2022

The 2021 – 2022 LTG Yearbook (for the 2020-2021 season) is now published and has been delivered to the address provided by LTG Reps during the summer. A PDF copy is available in the Backstage area of this website. If your printed copy has not arrived by 7 January 2022 please let the LTG Secretary – – know.

Included in each Yearbook is a personal letter from LTG Chairman Jo Matthews: she hopes that Members will gain insights and inspiration from all that that has been achieved during the last year. She remarks that many Members have used the lockdown to refurbish and repair buildings and how many Members have proved to be inventive and adaptable in face of such a strange year.

Sadly, new LTG Member Romiley Little Theatre in Stockport in the N Region joined LTG too late for them to be included in this edition of Yearbook. Their LTG Rep is Peter Wright and information about Romiley is included in the November 2021 LTG Newsletter (see Backstage) and in a November post HERE on this website.

In addition to the Report from the National Committee; there is a welcome to new Members; Reports from Regional Secretaries; and a PR Report from Kevin Spence. The Yearbook also includes information about the new research on Civic Theatres: a place for towns; the work of the Theatres Trust; and the expanding role of Creative Lives (formerly Voluntary Arts).

Happy reading!

Anne Gilmour