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LTG Yearbook 2019 – 2020

As of today Wed 4 December 2019, copies of the outstanding and much sought after LTG Yearbook will arrive in your theatre or on the doorstep of your theatre’s LTG Representative.

It is a great source of information about what all Members of the LTG have covered in the last season and what they plan for next season.

As well as the usual LTG Reports, Professors Nadine Holdsworth, Jane Milling and Helen Nicholson, co-authors of The Ecologies of Amateur Theatre, have contributed an article on Amateur Theatre and Cultural Policy. It is an important policy briefing as well as a fascinating read. Ten key areas are identified where the amateur sector can contribute to the 2020 – 2030 Arts Council for England’s strategy,  especially its statement to “recognise, value and invest in the culture and creativity that are part of people’s everyday lives,”

If your copy has not arrived in the next few days, contact LTG Secretary Caroline Chapman,

Anne Gilmour