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LTG Southern Region Conference

Saturday 24 September 2022, Tower Theatre, Stoke Newington, London

The Tower Theatre, Stoke Newington have curated an great one-day programme for the LTG S Region Conference 2022. The following documents have been sent to all LTG Southern Reps and Chairmen and some in the Central Region who are within easy reach of North London. Please note the deadline of 2 September by when you should return the booking form. Once Tom Bailey at the Tower receives the form he will send you an invoice with payment details.

The Tower Theatre HERE is near to Stoke Newington mainline station and many busses pass the theatre. Details of public transport are on their website HERE.

We urge that every LTG S Region Member is represented at the LTG S Region Conference and AGM. Anyone from a Member theatre is most welcome to attend this, or indeed any LTG conference, and bring a friend(s) or partner(s). Let’s make this a great event.

Although the conference is advertised as a one-day event on 24 September, it is possible to see the play – Leave Taking by Winsome Pinnock – on Friday 23 September, stay overnight, and depart after the AGM on Saturday. During the conference you will have the opportunity to meet Ralf Togneri, from Kelvin Players who is standing as the LTG S Region Rep. AGM papers will come out soon.

See you at the Tower Theatre

Anne Gilmour