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LTG S Region Conference, Stables Theatre Hastings 20 – 22 Sep 2019

The Stables Theatre, Hastings is delighted to host the 2019 LTG Southern Region Conference. They are celebrating their 60th anniversary and the conference will form part of their celebrations.

The deadline for the return of the completed booking form is Monday 12 August 2019. The documents have been sent to all LTG Reps in the Southern Region and we urge as many Theatres as possible to attend so they can network and exchange ideas and thoughts on the challenges facing all LTG Members, whatever the size of their theatre. Stables confirms that they have organised the workshops so that anyone can attend every workshop or just those in which they are interested.

LTG Delegates will first be welcomed on Friday 20 September at the centrally located White Rock Hotel. For partners of delegates who do not wish to attend the AGM on Saturday afternoon, an alternative guided tour of the very historic Hasting Old Town will be offered. On Sunday morning, as well as the entertainment offered by The Stables, the LTG Committee will offer a workshop on employment in Member theatres.

The Conference documents are:

  1. Stables Theatre Invitation Page 1 HERE
  2. Stables Theatre Invitation Page 2 HERE
  3. Stables Theatre Booking Form PDF HERE
  4. Stables Theatre Booking Form Word HERE
  5. Stables Theatre Conference Programme HERE
  6. Stables Theatre Conference Workshops HERE and Workshop Leaders Dominique Gerrard / Jane Brooman / Jane Richardson
  7. Hastings Accommodation HERE
  8. Hasting Self-Catering Accommodation HERE
  9. Hastings White Rock Hotel Brochure HERE and information on their buffet is HERE
  10. Hastings Tourist Map HERE

Any questions, do please get in touch with Anne Gilmour – in the first instance.

Anne Gilmour

LTG S Region Secretary