Conference Highlights

LTG National AGM 2023 at The Questors – papers

Open Forum

Workshop on Intimacy in Plays

Open Forum – The was a wide-ranging discussion during the Open Forum which included presentations from Mark White, ABTT and Jon Morgan, Nick Hern and Mike Smith on Martyn’s Law. There was also discussion on issues raised by Members. There is a full report HERE.

Intimacy in Plays One of the workshops at the LTG Conference held 2 – 4 June 2023 was led by Elodie Foray and was on Intimacy in Plays. Elodie would like to share her presentation with all LTG Member Theatres and it is at THIS link. Elodie is the LTG Rep at The Archway Theatre, Horley and if you have any questions for her about this presentation, I am sure she would be more than happy to help. Her contact details are on the last page of her presentation.

Anne Gilmour. National Secretary