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Love Theatre Day

#LoveTheatreDay – a 24 hour online celebration of all things stage

On Wednesday 18 November, theatres, amateur groups, arts companies and audiences from across the UK and beyond will take part in the second #LoveTheatreDay on Twitter, run in partnership by the Guardian Culture Professionals Network, Twitter UK and CultureThemes.

As with last year’s event, there will be one main hashtag, which this year will group all three words together: #LoveTheatreDay. This will guide the overall conversation throughout the day, with three sub-hashtags to highlight specific themes:

  • #BackStage (10am–12pm) will offer audiences and other arts pros a glimpse into how a production comes together in the weeks leading up to the big night.
  • #AskATheatre (3–5pm) will offer a unique opportunity for theatre fans and aspiring actors to hear first-hand from the individuals and groups that make the magic happen.
  • #Showtime (7–10pm) will give those who can’t make it to a theatre the chance to sit in the “virtual stalls” to experience a performance, or several, via Twitter.

How to get involved
You can join up by completing a simple form. You’ll then be sent an information pack that tells you what to do next and how to prepare. As soon as you’ve signed up, don’t forget to tweet about your excitement over #LoveTheatreDay, how others can join, and how you plan to get involved.

More info can be found here.