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Grants to support theatres reopening: Theatres Trust July 2020

An announcement from The Theatre’s Trust, 9 July 2020

We’ve repurposed the small grants schemes in our Theatres Protection Fund to help theatres affected by the pandemic.

Theatres Trust runs the Theatres Protection Fund incorporating the UK Theatres Grants Scheme and London Small Theatres Grants Scheme.

Funding from these schemes is normally restricted to capital improvement projects and emergency repairs, but in light of the coronavirus, theatre organisations will be able to apply for grants towards adapting their buildings for reopening, in line with any new health and safety guidance.

This could include making adaptations for increased hygiene and social distancing measures.

Awards are up to £5,000 and the deadline for the UK Theatres Grants is Monday 5 October 2020 and for London Grants is Monday 2 November 2020.

Anne Gilmour