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DCMS Guidance 9 July 2020

On Thursday 9 July the government gave the green light to resume outdoor performances on 11 July.

See HERE. The headline information is:

  • Small pilots of performances indoors with socially distanced audience to take place to inform future plans
  • New government guidance outlines how nation’s beloved theatres and performance venues can get back up and running safely
  • New planning rules to protect theatres, concert halls and live music performance venues

The DCMS Arts Sector issued a COVID-19 bulletin HERE

To note:

“From the 11th July, we will move to Stage Three. This means that performances outdoors with a socially distanced audience can take place in line with this guidance. DCMS will work with sector representative bodies to select a number of pilots for indoor performances with a socially distanced audience. Dance studios can fully reopen from the 25th July, and should follow guidance on indoor sports facilities. We expect to say more on a possible date for Stage 4 soon and Stage 5 in due course.

This guidance sets out how performing arts organisations can prepare for and deliver their activities at each of these five stages. This means that not all the guidance set out here will be relevant immediately; organisations should adopt the guidelines insofar as the government permits activities to proceed. Where a premises or venue delivers a mix of services, only those services that are permitted to be open should be available.​

Professionals working in the performing arts are permitted to return to their activities in line with this guidance.

Non-professionals (meaning those participating in performing arts other than for work purposes), or groups which include non-professionals, may refer to this guidance for their activities, but must at all times do so in line with government legislation and guidance on meeting people outside your household.

Non-professionals should currently not engage in singing or playing wind and brass instruments with other people given these activities pose a potentially higher risk of transmission and whilst research is ongoing. DCMS has commissioned further scientific studies to be carried out to develop robust scientific data for these activities. Existing and emerging evidence will be analysed to assist the development of policy and guidelines.

Organisations have a duty of care to volunteers and non-professionals to ensure as far as reasonably practicable they are not exposed to risks to their health and safety. This guidance around working safely during COVID-19 should ensure that volunteers and non-professionals are afforded the same level of protection to their health and safety as employees and the self-employed.”

But don’t forget that:

Only four people from two households can rehearse indoors or only six people can rehearse and perform outdoors (in England).

Anne Gilmour