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Concord Theatricals: Statement from Robert Hamilton

Kevin Spence, LTG Public Relations Officer has received this statement from Robert Hamilton at Concord Theatricals in London, this is below.

Kevin asks that any LTG theatre experiencing persistent difficulties with Concord Theatricals should contact him immediately at

Statement: We understand that the last year has been one of unprecedented hardship for the whole theatre community – for you and your members, the other amateur groups that we work with, as well as the authors we look after. We take our role to fairly support everyone we do business with seriously.

 Prior to the pandemic, we streamlined our systems and some of our pricing structures across the R&H Theatricals, Samuel French Ltd and Tams-Witmark catalogues. During COVID-19, we did our utmost to tailor fees to reduced seating capacity and provide streaming options. Now that we are hopefully moving out of the crisis, we are returning to our previous model, which determines fees proportionally based on venue size, average ticket price and title prestige.

In regard to Musicscope, many of their customers have privately contacted us. Our instructions remain that licences issued by Musicscope will continued to be administered by Musicscope. We did not take over Musicscope as a company. 

We have no other method of contacting Musicscope other than the email address. It is our understanding that at the beginning of the pandemic the telephone line was disconnected.

Some societies have decided to cancel their licences with Musicscope and begin a new licence with us. In these cases, we offer appropriate concessionary rates for this initial licence on a case-by-case basis.

Anne Gilmour