Who Can Join?

We welcome applications from Amateur Theatre Companies who:

  • have sole control over an established theatre
  • are independent and self-governing
  • produce a regular programme of stage plays
  • are non-commercial in character

If you are interested and want to know more about joining, contact the LTG Secretary – The annual subscription to LTG is £70 pa (1 Sep – 31 Aug) and members also pay £35 pa for a minimum of 15 copies of the LTG Year Book, a total of £105 pa.

Potential new members will be asked for a list of recent productions, the last published financial statement and information on how the theatre is constituted. The LTG Committee will consider the application and once approved, the Regional Secretary and/or other LTG Committee Member(s) will visit the theatre as soon as possible to watch a production, meet the appointed LTG Representative and Chairman and welcome formally the new Member to LTG.