Members Benefits

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Who Can Join

We welcome applications from Theatre Companies who:

  • have sole control over an established theatre
  • are independent and self-governing
  • produce a regular programme of stage plays
  • are non-commercial in character

Applications should include a list of plays produced and the last published financial statement. The support of two member theatres (who will visit the applicant’s theatre to watch two different productions) will also be required. This will be arranged by the Regional Secretary.

Whilst the admission procedure may initially appear inquisitorial it is not intended as such. Membership of any worthwhile profession, trade, college/university, golf club, squash, tennis or other club is something to be treated with respect. It is an objective to be attained by proven qualification, endeavour and standard, The achievement of membership to the Guild is something we hope will be declared with pride and shown on all publicity material of the member Theatres, It is not elitist except to indicate quality, dedication and good ‘theatre’.

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Member Communications

New Reps should sign up to the email database HERE>>

For all other matters including applying to become a member of the guild, press releases or communications issues contact the webmaster HERE>>