LTG Organisation

As the LTG grew it became apparent that it was too unwieldy to remain a single Committee based organisation. The Regions were created in 1978 and it is with the Regional Secretary that a new member will have their first point of contact.
The Regional Secretaries administer a programme of meetings within their area from ideas discussed and agreed at the AGM. Individual Theatres are responsible for local organisation of the meeting which they host including, when necessary, arranging speakers, food, accommodation etc.

The National meetings comprise the Spring weekend conference, which includes the Guild’s AGM. There is also a National Autumn Conference and frequently an intermediate workshop.

Originally the conferences rotated around the Guild Theatres but size now dictates that only the largest Theatres can host a National Conference. The Golden Anniversary Conference in 1996 was held at the Leeds University…..this may become a more regular alternative in the future.

The office of Chairman, in the early days, also went by rote and by Theatre name rather than personality. Over recent times elections are invited for the role of vice-chairman who then automatically, after two years, assumes the Chairman’s role for the ensuing two years.

The other elected officers are National Secretary, Treasurer and PRO. The three Regional Secretaries automatically serve on the National Committee and the final three places are on a free nomination and vote basis from the AGM.