Springboard Festival, 25 March – 1 April 2023

Criterion Theatre, Coventry, CV5 6EF LTG Rep at Criterion Theatre, Andrew Sharpe, announces a great festival hosted by his theatre. Nestling amongst the restaurants and bars of Earlsdon, a popular gastro destination to the south of Coventry, the theatre hosts an eight-night festival of the performing arts. It will bring together a collation of amateur, […]

Creative Networks: Celebrating Cultural Diversity with LTG Members, 1 December,

Quarterly #CreativeNetwork-Theatre covers a range of themes and issues that the professional and amateur sectors negotiate and is delivered in partnership with the Little Theatre Guild. It offers space for an open discussion about current opportunities and challenges of rebuilding amateur ecologies. 1 December 2021: Celebrating Cultural Diversity: Why it’s more than just opening our […]

Diversity & Inclusion

In the February edition of the LTG Newsletter you will find a short piece on Diversity and Inclusion. This is a topic of growing relevance to all LTG Members and LTG will look at its attitudes and practices around diversity in the coming months. A sub-group has been established of Jackie Blackwood, Melanie Brown, Debbie […]