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Post COVID re-opening: thoughts from NLO, Eddie Redfern

Eddie Redfern has circulated to all LTG Members some helpful thoughts on things to think about as you we start to open up our theatres.

His article is HERE

He considers the impact on both those onstage and backstage. How do actors feel about returning to rehearsals and performance? How do your set-builders and stage managers and crew feel? Have they had refresher training or been reminded of Health & Safety issues?

He also asks that our Members think about how the Front of House volunteers feel? Have new procedures been put in place regarding cleaning and sanitation with which they will be comfortable? Have you thought about how drinks are served from the bar and how tickets are managed and collected?

And have you all had a good look round your theatre? Is the ventilation sufficient? Is it being appropriately cleaned? Do you have one-way systems in place and can you deal with loo queues?

Finally Eddie suggests that you subscribe to the See it Safely kitemark – (see article on this website HERE) and looks forward to hearing how our theatre have managed and to learn whether your audiences are returning in anticipated numbers.

Anne Gilmour