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Membership and ticket prices in LTG member theatres

Using the LTG Yearbook returns received so far from LTG Member Theatres, Treasurer Brian Stoner has compared the cost of membership and seat prices. He has found a vast range in both categories.

Seat prices – the average pre-concession seat price is £18.38 with prices ranging from £8.00 to £20.00 and the average post-concession seat price is £14.50 with prices ranging from £6.00 – £16.00.

Membership – the way membership is structured varies widely and the LTG Yearbook cannot capture all the nuances of membership structures. But in broad terms, the pre-concession range is £0.00 – £70.00 and the post-concession range £0.00 – £40.00. Brian has also noticed a wide regional variation to these figures.

Brian hopes that these figures will form a basis for discussion within LTG Theatres. He notes that while it is difficult to think about raising prices during a time of hardship, it is important for theatres to establish a strategy that works for you. He warns, do not sell yourselves, nor those who work in your theatre, short on such an important issue.

If you would like to know more, do email Brian who can provide a little more information.

Anne Gilmour