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LTG Yearbook 2022-2023

Preparing your entry for the LTG Yearbook season 2021 – 2022

All LTG Reps have received an email asking them to complete the initial information about who will complete the theatre’s entry to the LTG Yearbook, due out in December 2022.

It is important that your theatre’s LTG Rep or a n other from your theatre completes the Initial Information Form (if you need a link to the form contact Soon after you have completed this Form, you will receive a Word Document of your last year’s entry for you to update. There are no separate columns for online viewing figures this year.

Why not start thinking now about the text in your 350 word summary of your season. For inspiration here are some suggestions to get you started: are you doing anything differently as a result of COVID; have you changed the structure of your organisation; were performances cancelled or moved because of COVID; have you started to rehearse with understudies; have you updated or renewed some of your building; how easy or difficult is it to recruit actors, and find volunteers for backstage and front of house duties; has the profile of your audience changed; what was the highlight of your season; how have your young people responded; what is your major challenge for next season?

I am looking forward to the entries starting to roll in!

Anne Gilmour