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LTG Survey: COVID Recovery

All LTG Reps have received a link to a LTG Survey. The LTG National Committee requests that all LTG Member theatres complete the survey by 4 March 2022.

The information received will be of benefit to all LTG Members. Once the results are published, each theatre will be able to compare their response to COVID with that of other LTG Members.

LTG Chairman Jo Matthews asks that you to give some time and thought as to your replies.  She notes that rather like the national census, the statistics from this are going to have far-reaching effects on our national standing and our ability to be noticed.  Jo notes that we will not identify any theatre in any published paper or document, rather we are looking for an overall picture.

The LTG National Committee ask LTG Reps to seek help from their theatre’s governing body to complete the survey. In fact the LTG National Committee recommend at least one other person looks over the responses before submitting the survey.

If it is of assistance to circulate the questions before completing the survey, HERE is a link to a PDF of the questions and HERE is a link to a Word version of the questions.  

Anne Gilmour