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LTG Southern Region Conference: Wharf Theatre, 28 October 2023 (one day)

I am delighted to confirm that the Wharf Theatre, Devizes have offered to host the 2023 Southern Regional conference and HERE is the proposed agenda for the day.

LTG S Region Secretary Ralf Togneri, urges all LTG S Region Members, through their LTG Reps to publicise the event to all members of their theatre and encourage at least one member of their theatre to attend. It will be an opportunity to find out about the Wharf Theatre and how they operate; to network; and, as always at these events, to exchange knowledge and experiences. It is especially important for those LTG theatres which were unable to attend the LTG National Conference, to be represented.

It will be a streamlined one-day conference and we ask that you quickly acknowledge the invite you will receive from Ralf to say that you are interested and will do your best to attend (or someone else in your theatre will). Or email LTG Rep Ali Warren.

When sufficient LTG Member Theatres indicate that they will be represented, we will direct you to a booking form on the Wharf Theatre website where you can pay the £35 fee and book your show tickets. The Wharf will reserve tickets to be sure you get one.

It will be possible to see their production of Happy Jack on Friday (27 Oct) or Saturday evening which offers the option to stay the night and leave at tea-time on Saturday. Lunch is included in the £35 fee, but you will need to purchase (and order in advance) your evening supper, which will be in The Crown pub, a few minutes’ walk away.

There is a Travelodge in Devizes and there are at least four hotels within easy walking of The Wharf and Ali will be happy to send you details if needed. The nearest railway station is Chippenham but it may be possible to arrange lifts from this station to the theatre. 

Please reply in the affirmative as soon as you can!

Anne Gilmour, LTG National Secretary