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LTG Hubs – time for a renaissance?

In the Feb 21 edition of the LTG Newsletter you will find a short article on LTG Hubs which asks is now the right time to start them up again?

For new LTG Members, LTG Hubs were created to encourage one or more representatives from the theatres in the Hub to meet and discuss matters of mutual interest. Meetings were usually held in each Hub theatre in rotation, often on a Saturday afternoon, and participants would also have a bite to eat and see the host theatre’s evening show.

HERE is the list of Hubs as originally envisaged 10 years ago to which I have added the theatres who have joined since the list was created. You will see that I have colour coded the list to show N, Central and S theatres. If you feel that your hub is too large – Hub 15 has 13 members and Hubs 7 and 8 both have 11 Members – and could perhaps be split into two, I have created a Google Map showing the location of all LTG Members which is on THIS page of this website and which may be of assistance.

Perhaps all LTG Reps should review the list and get in touch with their Hub Members and see if at least one Zoom to touch base would be a good idea.

Anne Gilmour