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India Gate: diversity in action

On 24 July, the cast and crew of a new play, India Gate, produced by The Questors, will perform at fellow LTG Member’s theatre the the Crescent in Birmingham.

Tickets to see the play are still available HERE and the performance will take place at 16:00.

This is a joint production by the Punjabi Theatre Academy and The Questors Theatre in Ealing who have worked together to develop the play which tells the story of independence through the lives of the people closely involved in building the India Gate and include the Sikh martyr Udham Singh and the architect Sir Edwin Luytens and his wife Emily.

The Punjabi Theatre Academy in Southall led by India Gate collaborator Tajinder Sindra, has a reputation for innovative plays and film making, flying the flag for Punjabi theatre and keeping these traditions alive in the UK. This unique partnership crosses cultural boundaries, bringing together two communities to tell the story of our joint heritage.

This production shows the creative ideas that can flow when those from different cultures and backgrounds come together to create something entirely unique. Information about the production at The Questors Theatre is HERE.