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Diversity & Inclusion

In the February edition of the LTG Newsletter you will find a short piece on Diversity and Inclusion.

This is a topic of growing relevance to all LTG Members and LTG will look at its attitudes and practices around diversity in the coming months.

A sub-group has been established of Jackie Blackwood, Melanie Brown, Debbie Hibberd, and Kevin Spence. They will be seeking the views of Members with questions such as:

  •  Do you have an equality and diversity statement and/or policy?
  • If so, would you share it with other members?
  • If not, would you be interested in support from the LTG to help you write one?

In the meantime, Jackie would like to hear from you by 15 March 2021 if you have a policy that you would like to share. Send it to:

Some LTG Member theatres have examples of a policy, or a statement about their commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion on their website such as:

  • Criterion Theatre HERE
  • Crescent Theatre HERE
  • Talisman Theatre HERE

Professional Theatres are very openly committed to diversity and inclusion for example statements by:

  • The National Theatre HERE
  • The RSC HERE
  • The Royal Court HERE

Anne Gilmour