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Distressing news from Groundlings Theatre Company, Portsmouth

While the Groundlings Theatre Company, Portsmouth are not members of the LTG, we wanted to show support and solidarity with a group of like-minded people.

Their post on Facebook on 30 September says it all:

“On Sunday morning the theatre was burgled which is always very distressing however the two men in question then spent two and half hours trashing the theatre. They destroyed nearly everything from pulling out wires to plug sockets to covering everything in bleach and fire hydrant foam. They destroyed our computers, server, equipment, props. The damage is huge. We wept to be honest. Twenty years trashed in just over 2 hours. Our box office is still operational but only via website. We currently can’t take bookings over the phone until further notice but we hope to have this back up and running shortly.”

It is gratifying to learn from Facebook that they have received many offers of help and assistance in all sorts of ways. They have also set up a Crowd Funding page HERE where you can offer financial help.  If any LTG Members who are within an easy drive of the Groundlings can offer any practical help, I am sure they would very much welcome it.

Anne Gilmour