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Creative Networks: Celebrating Cultural Diversity with LTG Members, 1 December,

Quarterly #CreativeNetwork-Theatre covers a range of themes and issues that the professional and amateur sectors negotiate and is delivered in partnership with the Little Theatre Guild. It offers space for an open discussion about current opportunities and challenges of rebuilding amateur ecologies.

1 December 2021: Celebrating Cultural Diversity: Why it’s more than just opening our doors and how it can extend our theatres and productions. Including examples of successful collaborations and ‘action plans in action’

This event will focus on the value of cultural diversity, inclusion and exchange in creating lively and evolving communities and practices.

Taking part will be Anne-marie Green, Artistic Director of the Criterion Theatre, Coventry and Howard Shepherdson &  & Tajinder Sindra of The Questors, Ealing and Punjabi Theatre Academy

More details of the event are HERE and this is the Facebook link to the event which will take place 18:00 – 19:00.

Anne Gilmour