Membership and ticket prices in LTG member theatres

Using the LTG Yearbook returns received so far from LTG Member Theatres, Treasurer Brian Stoner has compared the cost of membership and seat prices. He has found a vast range in both categories. Seat prices – the average pre-concession seat price is £18.38 with prices ranging from £8.00 to £20.00 and the average post-concession seat […]

Theatres Trust Conference 21: Making Theatre Sustainable

Along with the LTG Chairman Jo Matthews, four LTG Members were represented at this year’s Theatres Trust Conference: Abbey Theatre St Albans, Corn Exchange Wallingford, The Questors Theatre and new LTG Member (see post below) Romiley Little Theatre. The conference focused on the Theatre Green Book which the Theatres Trust and ABTT have jointly created. […]

Updated advice on COVID-19 from SOLT and UK Theatre 10 March

The following email was received on 10 March by LTG from the office of the CEO of SOLT (Society of London Theatres) Following our communication last week, this email is to give you an update as to the extensive work underway – work that we have accelerated as contingency if the situation deteriorates further. We […]

Charities SORP Governance review 2018 – 2019

For all LTG Members registered as a Charity: the Charity Commission issues a report on a review of the financial governance for reporting by charities dated 6 June. This is a review of how the Charities Statement of Recommended Practice (SORP) for accounting and reporting is developed and governed. Please click the link below to […]