LTG Central Conference, Rugby, 4 November 2024, post-conference

At the most enjoyable Central Region Conference hosted by Rugby Theatre, several presentations were made on Employment. The first one was an update to the presentation made at the LTG Southern Region Conference at Stables Theatre in 2019. This presentation HERE outlines the employment situation in Northern, Central and Southern Members as well as listing […]

Creative Network: Theatre & LTG

Online one-hour event 21 Nov 2023 at 14:00 Another FREE joint venture from LTG and Creative Lives (Creative Network) on how to encourage, new volunteers to support our theatres – and keep them. Get your ticket from Eventbrite HERE and join in the discussion. May of our LTG Members will have plenty to contribute to […]

Requiescat in pace, Kevin Spence

Your LTG National Committee are very sad to announce the death of Kevin Spence, our Public Relations Officer.  Over many years Kevin has held office on the Committee, including that of Chairman. Kevin was completely committed to theatre of every type and was a teacher, tutor and mentor to hundreds of pupils and students. He was […]