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Crafting Communities in Time and Space

The research project led by Helen Nicholson of Royal Holloway and Jane Milling of Exeter University is going well and they very much appreciate the input of LTG Members so far.  There is much more that we can all do by using the Toolkit (in the Backstage Area) which explains how information can be collated and help [...]

UK Theatre Matters – Briefing Booklet

Theatre_Matters_lowresThe General Election is just around the corner and all parties will be seeking your vote.  UK Theatre has just produced an excellent,  non partisan booklet which puts the case for the arts and particularly theatre which you can download here or from the Backstage Area of the website.   Use it to promote your theatre and its needs to [...]

News from our Theatres

A planning application has been submitted by the People’s Theatre, Newcastle for alterations to the entrance, reconfiguration of the foyer and bar, and erection of a new studio theatre. If approved, does this mean that improvements are imminent? Meanwhile, Cheshire East Council is considering a planning application for a two storey extension at the rear [...]

Forthcoming Conferences

In the first half of 2015 we have two Conferences taking place.  The Southern Conference will be held at the Oasthouse Theatre, Rainham on Saturday the 14th March and the National Conference will be held over the weekend of 29th – 31st May at the Bingley Little Theatre.   As always it would be great to [...]

International Arts Festival

International Amateur Theatre Festival 7 – 12 July 2015 Ypres and Westouter, Belgium (Flanders) Why not make 2015 the year you sample International Amateur Theatre and Belgium Beer? The biennial World Amateur Theatre Festival touches down in 2015 close to home in Westouter, Belgium (Flanders).  The International Festival will take place alongside a well established [...]